Custom Laser Systems

Femtoseconde Laser System . Laser Machining Station

Machine laser femtoseconde Usinage par Laser femto seconde

Specifically developped for the hight end watch industry

Welding lines for plastics cases using a laser diode manufactured by LDM laserline .

Plastic welding with laser diodePlastic welding with laser diode


Installed in Asia, this laser welding system allows the assembly of components in thermoplastics with a CN guaranteeing, its water tightness/airtightness.

The loading and unloading of the parts is manual.

Mass marking systems with a loading by vibrating bowl.

Co2 laser marking systems for wood parts Automatic loading device for Co2 marking system


Co2 laser marking machine with automatic loading of the parts to be marked.  Meter showing the number of parts marked.

Cutting system with 5 motorized axis.

High accuracy 5 axes Laser cutting system            High accuracy 5 axes Laser Fiber cutting system

5 axis machines specially made for the laser cutting on the said 5 axis with a high accuracy.

Laser type built in: fiber laser JK GSIG

Multi-source laser cladding system

Laser assisted Cladding Systems based on ceramic powders

 Multi-laser system, 5 axis for surface treatment.

Built in laser types: continued YAG, pulsated YAG and Co2