Pulsed & Fiber Laser Sources from SPI

  Pulsed & Fiber Laser Sources - SPI

 Fiber Lasers are an an exciting and growing market in the world of industrial lasers. SPI fiber lasers are up to ten times more energy efficient than traditional laser types. They are also more compact and require less routine maintenance.

Unlike Nd:YAG lasers, fiber lasers comprise fused components, meaning the performance is not dependent on the alignment of rods and mirrors. For manufacturers, this eliminates the need for time-consuming routine maintenance.

The absence of water-cooled pump chambers negate the risk of leaks that could cause the rods to fail, avoiding service costs. In addition, the use of a doped fibre as the gain medium in fiber lasers results in intrinsically excellent beam quality.

The SPI Fiber Lasers can be supplied with patented Luminator™ fiber-delivery options, bespoke process tools and scanheads. These ensure safe and reliable 3D manipulation of the laser beam and positive material processing results.

The SPI Fiber Laser range includes both rack-mountable and OEM units, offering both air and water-cooled options.

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