Brazing Head from SCANSONIC

Brazing Heads from Scansonic

The beam coming from a laser source must be”shaped”. For that, we use focus optics with specific properties to the on-going application: welding, drilling, cutting, brazing, etc

Laser diode brazing head with wire systems

ILS offers a wide range of subset answering those needs.

The German society SCANSONIC is today a leader in its domain, which is welding/brazing.

It manufactures brazing heads with line supplying. Associated with a following joint system integrated in the supply line (SCANSONIC patent), the SCANSONIC heads are equipping the biggest German motor manufacturers, but also the American ones and recently Asians.

Some of the French industrials already adopted the SCANSONIC equipment. The amount of already installed systems in production is of several hundreds, with a majority installed in German manufacturers.