Process monitoring for laser remote welding

Process monitoring and visualization for laser remote welding

Lessmüller Lasertechnik GmbH was founded in 1990 as a technology company for the optimization, stabilization and monitoring of the laser processing systems. Since 1997 the main focus of the company is monitoring the laser welding processes.Based on the application of the image sensors and external illumination we developed a precise system forseam ytacling, process monitoring and quality control to ensure the optimal quality of laser welding processes.

Nowadays, renowned manufactures like BMW, Daimler and General Motors use Lessmüller systems all over the world.


      Weldeye-Lessmuller Eclairage-lessmuller weldeye-sensor-lessmuler


Monitoring and seam tracking system

The module based WELDEYE-system visualizes the process; enables real-time seam tracking, it ensures the quality pf the laser welding / brazing process, and it is universal for a variety of existing welding optics (e. g. Scansonic ALO3, Highyag PDT, Blackbird IntelliWeld). Synchronous recording, evaluation and documentation of image based data and process parameters offre new options in process monitoring. Whether wire errors or seam faults cause by dust...

  Ecran-controle-de-process-lessmuller  Ecran-suivi-de-joint-lessmuller

Intégration on brazing ALO3 head or on remote welding head from Blackbird

  suivi-de-joint-lessmuller-sur-ALO3  Suivi-de-joint-lessmuller