FOBA Fiber Laser Markers

Fiber Laser Marking System Y Series from FOBA

Robost and compact, the fiber laser marking system Y seriues from FOBA are built to answer the most demanding laser marking applications. It is easily installed on a table or a workbench.

It is air-cooled and does not require any maintenance whatsoever (no lamp, no diode, no laser alignment ).

It answers all the classic marking and engraving needs. The Y serie fibre laser  can be declined in several versions: from 10 up to 20 watts.

It is equipping the M series systems  form FOBA which are delivered with a motorized Z axis, the pre-equipment for sucking up and the red laser diode pointer for helping the positioning of parts or camera (optional).

The different level of power offered allows the marking of all the metals and most of the industrial plastics on all type of surfaces. 

General specifications

  • Marking system by pulsed fiber laser: class laser, class 4
  • Marking speed: above 5000 mm/s, marking thickness: 50µm ( depends on the optics)
  • Marking range: FT160 for a range of 110x110 mm.
  • Power: from 10 to 100 pulsed watts
  • Marking software with built-in graphic tool MARKUS under windows 7
  • Air-cooled

Dowload the FOBA Laser Marking System M1000