FOBA Laser Marking Stations

Marking station / Systems from FOBA. M series : M1000, M2000, M3000

FOBA offeres offers a complte range of laser marking systems station by fiber laser. Integrated with a fiber laser source (from 10 to 20 watts pulsate or CW), it is particularly well adapted for the setting of a laser process. It allows the making and validating of a wide array of laser tests as: marking, removal, micro machining, micro cutting, deep engraving etc. but alos for production needs.

It’s equipped with a standard Z axis, a galvanometric head with a range of 110x110 mm and a pointing diode for the positioning of the part under the laser beam. The slotted table of 400x400 mm allows the easy fastening of all assemblies for the positioning of the parts. It can be suppield witha rotaty table and a vison systems fopr posiyioning an d marking control.

In option, the ILSM-LAB station can  be equipped with a rotary axis for the machining of parts moving in a rotary fashion, X and Y  axis, or a camera for the vision or the control of the laser working zone. It’s delivered with a class 1 enclosure.


Type of Laser sources available

  • Fiber laser source: from 10 to 20 watts pulsate or CW: fit for the marking of metals and most of the industrial plastics. Also allows thin cuts.
  • Co2 laser: from 10 to 100 watts CW: fit for the marking of organic tissues, plastics and anodized aluminum. Also allows the cutting of plastic and paper.
  • UV laser: from 0.5 to 3 watts: fit for the marking of plastic parts or micro-cutting. Unlike the IR lasers, the UV laser produces a lot less heat on the part to mark.
  • Green laser: 20 watts (other power available), fit for the marking of plastics, metals and mainly glass or sapphire. Excellent laser source for the cutting of glass or the marking in the thickness of the glass.