Mobiles Laser Markers

Fiber Laser Marker  ILSM-F & Mobile Fiber Laser Station  ILSM-M

ILS offers its mobile laser marking device, the ILSM-M. Built on wheels, the ILSM-M station can be equipped with a fiber laser, a Co2 laser or a UV laser. That choice of laser sources allows the marking of almost every material.

Thus, it’s at last possible to bring a marking station wherever you need it. All is left to do is connecting the laser marking station ILSM-M to a simple 220 volts power outlet.

This mobile station is delivered with a Z axis for the positioning of the surface to mark under the laser beam. It is delivered with a class 1 enclosure. 


Graveur Laser mobile sur roulettes. Maqueur à fibre mobile


Type of Laser Laser source available with the ILSM-M stations.

  • -Fiber laser source: from 10 to 100 watts pulse or CW. Fit for the marking of all metals and most of, the industrial plastics. Also allows thin cuts.
  • -Co2 laser: from 10 to 100 watts CW: fit for the marking of organic tissues, plastics and anodized aluminum. Also allows the cutting of plastic and paper.
  • -UV laser: from 0.5 to 3 watts: fit for the marking of plastic parts or micro-cutting. Unlike the IR lasers, the UV laser produces a lot less heat on the part to mark.