Laser Welding Systems

Laser Welding

Lasers are used in a wide range of sheet metal welding applications in industrial, high-volume manufacturing, from heat conduction welding in the consumer goods industry to longitudinal seam welding of tubes.

Laser joints are characterized by high welding speed, high levels of stability and very low distortion. At the same time excellent weld seam surfaces can be obtained. If the requirements with regard to process stability and consistent product quality are high, the laser is the right tool.

Due to its short wavelength close to the aluminum absorption peak, the automotive industry selected high brightness diode lasers as the tool of choice for aluminum welding in body-in-white (BIW) applications.

Lasers and mainly Laser diodes from Laserline are used also for plastic welding Plastic Welding (polymer).

Laser type

Depending on the required application the choice will be for Fiber laser (up to 4 kW)r for a Laser Diode System (up to 40 kW).

Industrial Laser Systems offres differents kind of Joining Solutions based on the final process.

Laser Welding Systems multi Laser sources and/or multi axes and/or with Robot

Système Laser de soudage / Soudage par Laser

Laser diode welding Systems of coils for the car industry Laser pulsed Welding of MIL parts

Video of Laser processes