The Company

The Company


Laser process

The experience and the know-how of ILS are known around the world in various industries. Since its creation in 2003, ILS forged itself a name synonym of serious, know-how and quality.

Our company built and installed special machines of laser machining answering the needs of the motor, medical, nuclear, factoring, aeronautic and spatial industry. 


Ecologic thinking

The laser technology is quickly evolving and it’s our duty to integrate the more profitable, sturdiest, and adapted sources technology to our customers,  but they must also fit in an ecological way of thinking and sustainable development.

Thus our welding or cutting systems are built with sources having an energetic yield above 30%.

For instance the old YAG lasers lamp pumped, diode or Co2 multi KW used in the automotive industry for the welding and the brazing are regularly replaced by diode lasers that has at least an efficiency of 30% !

The excellent yield of the new source allowed an excellent ROI, thanks to the energy effcicency compared to a YAG or to Co2 laser.


Light used as a machining tool

The machining by laser is a contactless process, without mechanical restraints and wearing. It answers to multiple needs as thermal processing of surfaces, laser cladding or surface repair, cutting, welding, drilling, marking and deep engraving in 2D and 3D, surface preparation or laser texturation.


Quality before all

ILS system integrates all sorts of linear and rotary axis. Each system must answer specifications for each client which contains some criteria: ergonomics, stability, precision, cycle time, etc.

All of our systems are assembled, tested and controlled in our workshop. Our 5 axis cutting machines will be automatically controlled with a metrology BallBar certifying of a multitude of settings and the dynamic of the axis.

All the machines built by ILS are delivered with conformity certificate given by an independent organism (CE).