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Laserline laser optics

Laserline optics

Laserline OTS optics are designed for industrial material machining in combination with Laserline diode lasers. Due to their modular design and the wide variety of spot geometries that can be produced, these optics can be configured flexibly and optimally to meet the most varied process requirements.

Internal cooling as well as an anti-corrosion stainless steel body with an IP54 protection rating allow the optics to withstand continuous use conditions in highly dusty and humid production environments at high powers up to 20 kW.

Whether they are round or elliptical spots for welding, high power soldering or hardfacing, applications linear or rectangular spots, Laserline OTS optics have been developed to meet the requirements encountered in industrial laser applications.

For special applications like simultaneous welding, specific configurations like double spot or ring spots are also possible.

Spot laser Laserline homogénéisés

Advantages of Laserline optics

  • Modularity, flexibility,
  • Robust structure for extreme stresses
  • For welding, laser hardening, surfacing
  • Compatibility with standard interfaces
  • Customization of focal points

Gamme modulaire optiques Laserline

OTS 3 laser welding optics

Laserline welding optics meet the most severe industrial requirements. They are specially adapted to Laserline diode lasers, which allows machining results meeting the most stringent quality requirements. When process conditions are complicated, sensors or monitoring systems can also be integrated.

Optique de soudage laser avec Caméra
Optique de soudage laser avec Caméra
Optique de soudage laser avec Caméra

Features of Laserline optics

  • Different spot geometries possible
  • Welding with wire input and weld monitoring
  • Typical applications: thermal conduction welding and deep welding of metals and non-metallic materials
  • Additional accessories: Cross-Jet nozzles, CMOS camera, welding sensors, protective gas nozzles, pressure finger or roller


Laser brazing optics

Laserline brazing optics make it possible to produce cords that meet the most severe requirements of the automotive industry. When high-power brazing of galvanized sheets, the pre-spots remove the zinc layer along the brazing bead, resulting in high quality results at high brazing speeds.

Optique laser tri spots Laserline
Profil de faisceaux tri spots Laserline
Module tri spots Laserline monté sur tête de brasage Laser
Module tri spots Laserline


  • Type of spot geometry possible: round, square and Triple-Spot
  • Typical applications: brazing of metals in bodywork
  • Integrated wire feed with regulated wire feed and gas supply
  • Follow-up of the weld with filler wire and adaptation of the position of the focal point Option: tactile or camera-controlled power supply of the wire
  • Configuration: Cross Jet, glass protection monitoring, CMOS camera, crash sensor

Homogenizer laser optics

Laserline optics can be fitted with homogenizer modules. The geometries of the laser spots thus obtained (squares, lines, rectangles) have a linear and homogeneous profile particularly suited to applications such as laser hardening and surface treatment in general. Depending on the requirements of the process, it is possible to mount accessories such as a camera, pyrometer and other monitoring devices on these optics.

Optique Laserline et spots homogénéisés
Optique Laserline et spots homogénéisés Optique Laserline et spots homogénéisés Optique Laserline et spots homogénéisés

Laser zoom

Laserline also offers Zoom optics allowing dynamic adaptation of the spot geometry during the process, variable from 5m to 175mm on both axes.

Zoom laser dynamique Laserline
Combinaison optique zoom Laserlin
traitement thermique laser avec zoom Laserline


  • Possible focal point shapes: square, linear, rectangular
  • Typical applications: surface treatments such as quenching, softening, drying, topping and winding fibers as well as thermo-bonding of edges
  • Option: motorized focal point adjustment with zoom lens
  • Typical homogeneous square focal lengths can be produced with a ratio of 1: 1 to 1:18 and an edge length of up to 135 mm
  • Additional accessories: pyrometer, CMOS camera

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