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Industrial Laser Systems

A professional and passionate team at your service

Based in the Paris region, Industrial Laser Systems is a French manufacturer of laser machines and integrator of laser sources. Our design office is at your disposal to study with you your laser welding machine, laser cutting, laser additive manufacturing, laser texturing...
The Industrial Laser Systems laboratory has several types of laser sources and various means of measurement and analysis to carry out with you the validation tests that will allow you to define and size your laser machine.
Since 2003, we have been equipping the automotive, aeronautics, medical industries and many others. Our laser machines are installed in Europe but also in Asia, India and the United States. We provide service and training for all the machines we install.
The partnership we have with renowned laser specialists allows us to offer industrial, robust and innovative laser machines.


Our technical means

All laser machines designed by Industrial Laser Systems are assembled in our premises in Verneuil’Etang. We are equipped with the means which allow us to control, adjust and adjust the sub-assemblies integrated into our laser machines in order to make them conform to the expected specifications.


Means of dynamic geometric measurements

Renishaw Ball bar

Renishaw measurement reports

Three-dimensional measuring arms

Bras de mesures tridimensionnels
Bras de mesures tridimensionnels

Three-dimensional measuring arms

"Laser" measuring means

Apart from the usual tools for measuring the power or energy emitted by a laser source, Industrial Laser Systems is equipped with means allowing the characterization of the profile of the laser beams coming from the sources or at the output of the optical path.

Laser beam profile measurement up to several kilowatts


Laboratory resources

The Industrial Laser Systems laboratory has several types of laser sources and different means of measurement and analysis to carry out with you the validation tests that will allow to define and size your laser machine. When we do not have the type of laser source that we deem suitable for your application, we call on the laboratory of our laser partners or we request a rental to carry out your internal tests in our premises. This allows us to control the confidential nature of certain tests.


Laser means

  • Laser sources visible at 532 nm, with short and very short pulse durations (green): Suitable for machining glass, ceramics, ablation, it generates less thermal stress on certain laser processes.
  • IR infrared sources at 1.07 and 10.6 microns, CW at very short pulse durations: Widely used in industry, this type of source is used for multiple laser processes on metals, plastics and certain composites: cutting, engraving, ablation, welding, texturing, ablation, heat treatment, additive manufacturing, pickling, etc. ... …
  • UV laser sources from 266 nm to 355 nm, with short and very short pulse durations: In contrast to the IR spectrum, UV laser sources bring very little heat stress to the laser process. This type of laser is used for technical markings, ablation or texturing on surfaces very sensitive to pollution or thermal stress.
  • These different laser sources are mounted on mechanical assemblies which integrate combined linear axes X, Y, Z or galvanometric axes X, Y (galvanometric head which can be equipped with an optical Z axis).

X,Y galvo configuration with vision

UV, visible and IR lasers, femto and nano sec


The different combinations of these means allow us to respond to most of the laser process validation tests on the market such as:

  • Laser welding of metal or composite parts
  • Laser brazing of metal parts 2D or 3D
  • Laser cutting and drilling of metal or composite parts
  • Texturing, marking, engraving, ablation, laser stripping on almost any type of surface Metal laser additive manufacturing
  • Laser surface heat treatment (hardening or annealing)



Means of control

Whatever laser process is used, we must be able to control a minimum of elements that allow us to measure the quality of the laser process under test. Industrial laser Systems is equipped with various means of observation and microscopic measurements as well as metallographic preparation means.

Microscope and associated metrology means

Cutting and polishing of a sample with copper deposition on a laser textured surface (EU EMLACS Project) for metallographic analysis


Metallographic means

Mechanical means

Grinder, polisher and press for producing metallographic samples

Microscopic analysis

Image of a metallographic section of a nail head weld

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