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Laserline Laser diodes

Laserline Laser diodes

The component-wide laser diode

Diode lasers generate laser light in a semiconductor wafer, which is supplied with energy by an electric current. These laser diodes called semiconductors are used in different configurations. There are solutions in which individual laser diodes are used (single emitters) as well as mounting several of these laser diodes on a so-called "diode bar".

To transform a laser diode into a diode laser system, several bars are stacked on top of each other and several stacks are optically combined. In this way, power can be scaled from a single laser diode to high performance systems. Laserline high power diode lasers are designed according to this principle and only bars are used.

The wavelengths used range from 900 nm to 1080 nm for a power of up to 45 kilowatts.

Mise en forme des faisceaux laser à diodes Laserline
Combinaison des longueurs d’ondes Laserline

Laserline diode laser sources

An important parameter of lasers for industrial use is their efficiency (electrical efficiency). It describes the amount of energy supplied which is converted into light and emitted as a laser beam. While some lasers convert only a few percent of the supplied energy into laser light (CO2 laser, Yag laser, etc.), Laserline diode lasers achieve an efficiency of up to 50% (diode to part).

This is mainly due to the fact that the conversion of electric current in a laser diode reaches almost 70%. This is the main reason for the success of diode laser sources, in industrial production for more than 20 years.


The LDM series from Laserline

In a 19-inch rack, its compact design facilitates the integration of the LDM diode laser for plant builders, thus qualifying it as a standard industrial tool. Whether in a classic control cabinet, in an operator station or under the conveyors of a production plant, its innovative design allows the LDM diode laser to be integrated into any production area. It does not require any additional space and is therefore ideally suited for OEM applications.

Module laser à diodes LDM Laserline de 1kw à 8 kW
Module laser à diodes LDM Laserline de 1kw à 8 kW

LDM Laserline diode laser module from 1kw to 8 kW LDM Laserline diode laser module from 1kw to 8 kW The LDM diode laser series is available from 500 watts up to 8,000 watts always in a 19 inch rack. Laserline LDM diode lasers can be equipped with different types of optical fibers and optical accessories such as zooms, welding optics, homogenizing optics, etc.

Advantages of LDM Laserline series diode lasers

  • Up to 8 kW in a 19 "rack
  • 5 year warranty for laser diodes
  • Beam quality comparable to Nd: YAG solid state lasers
  • Ideal for welding, curing and other laser process embedded in a mobile station
  • Ease of integration


The LDM Blue series from Laserline

High power blue laser: efficiency thanks to blue laser light

The LDM blue diode laser revolutionizes the processing of copper, gold and other highly reflective metals in multiple ways. The direct generation of laser power of up to 2 kW cw at the wavelength of 450 nm is unique and thus avoids complex and inefficient wavelength conversions.

The absorption, and therefore the efficiency of the process, is increased by a factor of up to 20 compared to lasers in the 1 micron wavelength range. The precisely controllable energy deposition of the diode laser allows the melting of copper without evaporation, leading to unmatched stability of the weld pool.

This opens up new application possibilities, such as heat conduction welding of thin copper foils, additive manufacturing, surface treatment with large homogenized spot.

Module laser à diodes bleues LDM Laserline de 0,5kw à 1,5 kW
Module laser à diodes bleues LDM Laserline de 0,5kw à 1,5 kW

Combinations of different metals can be made with copper as the first junction material, for example copper and aluminum or copper and steel, breaking the convention that copper should be the bottom junction material.

The Laserline LDM Blue diode laser is today the only laser in the world with such laser power in this wavelength range, ie 2000 watts at 450 nm.

Advantages of LDM Blue Laserline Series Diode Lasers

  • Laser power (CW) in the kilowatt range at a wavelength of 450 nm
  • Fast power control and power modulation
  • Optimized absorption in highly reflective metals
  • Industry proven system architecture
  • Very stable process with low disturbance melt characteristics
  • Welding stacked thin sheets and copper sheets
  • Welding of dissimilar metals
  • 19 inch rack for easy integration of the blue diode laser into existing systems


The LDF series from Laserline

With the LDF series, Laserline sets the benchmarks for high power diode lasers. Even sources with a laser power greater than 20 kW are installed on sturdy casters allowing a single employee to move the laser to different locations for production start-up - a unique advantage.

All you need is electricity, water, and an optical fiber - and the laser is ready for use at its new site.

Thanks to the continuous development of Laserline's proven active diode cooling technology, the LDF series family is optimized for power levels of several kilowatts, even at high beam qualities: 8 kW on a 600 µm fiber at NA 0.1 in a compact configuration occupying less than one square meter foot print.

Laser à diode Laserline VG6 jusqu’à 20 KW

A modular concept for maximum flexibility

Whether it's power, cooling or system interfacing, the LDF series can be individually configured to meet changing needs. The LDF laser series is available with internal or external cooling. With these Laserline coolers, specially developed for the range and fully integrated into the control cycle, high power lasers can now operate continuously in production with a small footprint. Thanks to the internal networking of all components, malfunctions can be diagnosed in real time and resolved immediately.

The new benchmark in power and functionality

The LDF series is one of the most efficient laser technologies with up to 50% electrical efficiency. Thanks to the mobile hot-plug control unit, LDF lasers can be flexibly monitored and controlled, even from a distance. Individual components can be easily replaced thus reducing production interruptions.

LDF diode laser beam source

The laser beam source contains several stacks of individual diode arrays. The number of arrays per stack and the total number of stacks depend on the laser output power and the required beam quality.

Using simple, patented technology, the diode beams are superimposed to form a single laser beam which is coupled into an optical fiber.

Advantages of LDM Blue Laserline Series

  • Diode Lasers Unique mobile series up to 45 kW laser power
  • Modular: internal or external cooling optional
  • Laserline water / water or water / air cooling modules
  • High electrical efficiency: up to 50%
  • Field proven active diode cooling technology
  • Internal networking of all components
  • Real-time diagnosis of malfunctions Interfaces compatible with previous Laserline series generations

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