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Laser brazing machine

Laser brazing machines with wire feed

Laser brazing allows the assembly of parts thanks to a supply of wire. This is melted by the laser beam and allows, once solidified, the connection of the two parts to be assembled. Laser brazing is mainly used for so-called "mixed" assembly on sheets of different compositions. Therefore, the choice of filler metal will depend on the materials to be assembled to obtain the best mechanical properties. Laser brazing is used in the automotive industry for the assembly of pavilions or on an experimental basis in the petrochemical industry to assemble thick pipelines. Laser brazing allows better control of heat input in this type of application. A laser brazing head is used to shape the laser beam thereby achieving the desired characteristics of the beam at the focal point. Ideal for welds along a curve, laser brazing achieves speeds of several meters per minute with a smooth finish and high mechanical strength of the weld bead.

Aluminum laser welding with wire feed

Advantages of laser soldering machines:

  • Procédé sans contact qui permet de réduire les couts d’outillages de maintien des pièces.
  • A non-contact process that reduces the cost of tooling for maintaining parts.
  • Flexibility of use adapted to the type of soldering (type of wire, geometry of the part)
  • High laser brazing speed with limited heat input
  • Welding of different materials, identical or dissimilar and of varying thicknesses.
  • Welding of parts with complex geometries (2D, 3D).
  • Reduced implementation time.
  • Suitable for any type of production: unit, small or large series.
  • Integration of real-time control modules for the welding process (vision, Cmos camera, etc.).
  • Remote control and handling during maintenance or training operations.

Brasage par diode laserline

Laser brazing with wire feed

Machine de brasage laser

Laser diode brazing system with real-time pyrometric control of the heating point

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